The Early Act Club is a Rotary-sponsored Service Club open to students in grades 4 through 8.  With Rotary’s support, we agree to take on three projects each year, one being an international project, one a community project and one a school project.  We get together once a week to discuss our current projects, work on our campaigns, share our successes and plan our next steps.  Our Executive Members run the weekly meetings.  This year, they are: 

Nelson Williams, President, 

Kendrick Webster, VP, 

Isabelle Mooney, Treasurer, 

Amy Rushlow & Grace Dubien, Secretaries  

Ileana De Luca, Public Relations.  

So far this year, we have completed our International project, collecting school supplies to support ENSS students going to Tanzania, Africa on the Journey of Hope.  We were able to collect over 1200 items!  New members are always welcome.

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Mandi Kofira

 Early Act Club Lead


 Lindsay Robinson

 Early Act Club Lead





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